YouTube to MP3 Converter: Web-based software or Installed Software

There is a dramatic rise of famous names such as,,, or Both web tool and installed software have their strong points and weak points. A web tool allows Internet users directly convert videos from YouTube to MP3 if they are online whereas installed software serve users in case they are offline. Moreover, a web tool saves users’ time with the high speed of converting time; in contrast, the software requires users too much time to install. There are lots of controversial when we compare web-based software vs. installed software.

An awesome Youtube to mp3 conversion web tool 

Typically, these two methods use URL links during the conversion process. Almost of two approaches keep the same quality with the original file with various bitrate, which allows users, can choose the right bitrate with their device.


Keeping users safe is the most stunning feature of a web tool. By this way, you do not need to install any software, which is the main of infecting malware. Using the web keeps you away from any danger from Internet thanks to requiring no installation and no registration. In contrast, installed software takes you too much time to install. There are lots of inconveniences such as requiring the compatible operating system to install and downloading time.


In terms of time, a web tool thoroughly beat online software. Instead of following the standard process with two steps, downloading and installing software then you can reach your target. Internet users typically take 3 minutes to convert a 4-minute video from YouTube to MP3 whereas you lose at least 6 minutes to gain this target. Unfortunately, weak connection gives you the longer time.


With three simple steps, you gain their goal with any obstacles when you use a web tool. In contrary, you need more two steps to achieve your target, as downloading and installing. It’s believed that the complicated process will take you more actions and time. We cannot deny that installed software allowing you to reach your target when you are offline though it takes your time for the first time installing.

All things considered, each method contains its pros and cons; nevertheless, web-based software seems to beat installed software with more benefits as safer, faster, and more convenient. You can get the real experience for the belief in web tool with

Rock and roll: 5 Memorable Videos Forever

As known as a genre of popular music, Rock and roll roots from the US in the late Forties and early Fifties. This genre originated in Europe as folk songs and came into America by immigration.


When mentioning to Rock and roll, we mean the genre with infectious beat or rhythm. Rock and roll was a kind of dance music following the traditional rhythm and blues of swing music. One of the other significant characteristics of rock and roll was the stripped-down instrumentation and the emergence of the guitar as a solo instrument. The guitar sound is also one of the remarkable features of this genre. Besides folk songs and bluegrass, this genre was also influenced by other music genres such as blues, jazz, gospel, boogie-woogie.

5.“Let’s Go Crazy,” Prince

The video showed listeners how crazy The Purp was, and the ultimate party tune winds down. Prince was a famous name of this genre with the ecstatic state of his solo. Follow this song, the Under the Cherry Moon continuously keep the next top position.

4.“ Shy Boy,” David Lee Roth

It was a perfect combination between David Lee Roth and the talents of these two strongmen. The furious four-handed tapping makes one realize the importance of science to our daily lives.

3.“Paradise City,” Guns N’ Roses

This song expressed the young man’s fundamental yearning for stability and warmth. Slash just wants to play faster and faster. This conflict foreshadows what would for the band grow into an appetite for self-destruction.

  1. “Hot for Teacher,” Van Halen

Listeners got a strong impression when Eddie uses his finer space-age slides and tremolo picking to sound like a laser weapon battle while Alex runs in place on his double bass pedals and David Lee Roth howls till his heart’s content.

  1. “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” The Who

In this video, music lovers can witness the tension of the synth interlude and the subsequent release—by way of Pete Townshend’s gargantuan power chords and Roger Daltrey’s vocal-chord-shredding scream—at the time encapsulated. Music fans love to move their body when they listen to this song.

Rock and roll is one of the longest music genres which are emerged by famous names such as Elvis Presley, Prince, Whitney Houston, Steven Tyler, and Little Richard. Though this genre is no longer as popular as in the past, it always is an indispensible genre in Music world. If you fall in love with epic and classical sound, these Rock and Roll videos are the best playlists. Furthermore, you are able to move your body with your MP3 player by convert these videos from YouTube to MP3 to download and store in your iPod. Should be converted to MP3 format for listening always, even offline watching.

5 Best Movie Soundtracks for Perfect Studying

You always hear people talk about the best songs to dance to, work out to, drive to, etc., but right now, let’s give some attention to a less celebrated (but still important!) music subgenre: Study core.

It contains some special kind of song to help you get through a lengthy study session. And with school coming back sooner than later, we’re looking at five of our favorite movie soundtracks to soundtrack your study session. These albums aren’t too in your face, but they aren’t so monotonous that you’ll fall asleep mid-sentence. Here are some suggested that you can consider to listen and don’t remember to download it from YouTube to MP3 converter for owning a full soundtrack at once.


Pulp Fiction

Mixing old school soul, surf rock, funk and country, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack is a refreshingly eclectic compilation. This one is especially suited to late-night study sessions when you’re tending to fall asleep — gunfire-filled audio excerpts from the movie will wake you up if you doze off.

TRON: Legacy

When Disney set about rebooting the ’80s cult classic, they turned to dance world to create the sounds and the music of the virtual world of TRON: Legacy. Listening to this special soundtrack might be too distracting for some while studying, but Daft Punk’s negotiation between dance music and a traditional movie score must be the kind of music that gets you energized – but not too turn up.


If you put on any other Disney soundtrack, you’ll probably just end up singing along. But the Fantasia soundtrack is really a great classical music sampler. With multiple composers and different pieces, it covers just about every mood on the spectrum: There’s the devilish “Night on Bald Mountain,” the playful “Nutcracker Suite,” the contemplative “Ave Maria” and the intense “Rite of Spring.”

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sometimes you find yourself awake at 2 a.m. with no end in sight. On those nights, gentle background music just won’t do. Let’s catch an eye on Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. It’s a parade of feel-good ’70s hits with soaring melodies and sing-along choruses. Between “I Want You Back” and “Hooked on a Feeling”, this one will give you just enough energy to power through one more hour.

Empire Strikes Back

From the majestic Star Wars opening theme to the ominous Imperial March, the soundtrack of the most memorable movie in the series also features its finest music. The romantic orchestral swell when Han Solo gets frozen alive as Princess Leia looks on might make you tear up a little bit, but it must be perfect background music for memorizing something you’ll be allowed to forget in some weeks.

5 Things You Need To Know About Music Trend 2016

Following the stunning trend in 2015, Music lovers pay attention to EDM a lot. This year, EDM one more time affirms the steady position with more than 30 genres and rank at first in a musical festival. Besides this significant trend, everyone also cares about the other trends in artists, genres change, and online music platform.

  1. New trend for EDM – Tropical House

With burning out in 2015, EDM got much love from lovers with more than 30 years of existence, and more and more new genre was born. Hardstyle, Trance, Dubstep, and Electro are the well-known names for EDM lovers.


Music lovers instantly fall in love with Tropical House which creating the melody and soothing instrumentals, the tempo most of the fall in the range of 100-120 bpm.

Music created for the listener to feel comfortable and in harmony with nature, listening to a Trop House, I always feel relaxed and playful. This music is very suitable to relieve stress to those who frequently busy with work. The primary tool to create a Trop includes piano, trumpet, saxophone, English rock and most especially indispensable percussion (percussions).

  1. An outburst of Dubstep

Dubstep, a form of electronic hoedown music, is stunning with taking music by storm. The most remarkable thing about this music is very bass heavy, and uses experimental beats and samples. Typically, Hip hop artists or rock bands like Kanye,  Korn and Muse love to implement this music for a noisy party.

  1. A steep rise of important music festival

Music lovers have witnessed lots of stunning Music festivals in 2015 such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo. There is nothing that can restrict the number of participants in Music festival. It is predicted that the number of Music festivals, as well as the participants, increase significantly comparing with the last year at 400,000 Brownie.

  1. Payment for using Spotify

Spotify is regarded as an online radio which allows you listen to millions of songs. This big streaming only ranks after iTune of Apple. Spotify also supports users the sharing app service, playlist creating and track the followers.

However, when Adele and Taylor Swift denied using this service, Spotify needs to create a compromise for users to be more reliable. This streaming intends to operate a new policy of playing music for free and then profit from advertising. That action might lead users to pay the fee for their experience in this year. If you want to avoid this inconvenience, you can change to the other platform which enhances your music passion –, which is an awesome YouTube to MP3 Downloader and Converter. I’m not in the argument whether it’s right or not. I found the most convenient way to dedicate my music passion which Google has allowed.

  1. Artists Changing Genres

There are various artists gone to the thriving music genre – Country which is the steady market and dedicated fan base. That’s the reason why lots of artists from different background turning into this type. Nevertheless, not all of artists gained the success, whereas Jessica Simpson is an obvious example for unsuccessfulness for this change. Music lovers can witness lots of changes in selecting the genre of artists. For instance, Snoop Dogg experimented with reggae instead of hip hop before.

This article has shown you five music trends in 2016 which you should get acknowledge about for. Music lovers need update the latest trend in music for the best enjoy this term. Of you passionate in Music, 2016 is a special year with attractive sounds of EDM breaking in Music festivals.

YouTube to MP3 Converter: 3 Difficulties Users Might Encounter When Installing Online Software

Internet users are fed up with downloading online software and installing this for their target. Furthermore, they cannot imagine that they can face more inconvenience than this unwanted feeling. Particularly, this article will show you three main difficulties internet users encounter when installing software to convert YouTube to MP3 and give users an effective solution.

Converting YouTube to MP3 contains some difficulties

Waste time

There is a sure thing that when you install online software, we will take a lot of time. First, we need to download mp3 converter software, and then you follow some steps to install this software. However, you can get something wrong when installing such as internet loading speed, error or more. These steps take you lots of time before the last target – converting. That can cause the tired feeling and give up this process soon.

Be incompatible operating system

The other inconvenience you might encounter when installing software to convert video to mp3 format is unsupported Operating System. Ironically, when you have just downloaded the software you have found for your aim, however, when to click install it shows that your os is not compatible, and you cannot install. One more time you have to download others. There is no doubt that it causes the annoyed feeling for users, and they forced to give up their aim to escape of this inconvenience.

Get risk of malware

Last but not least, numbers of internet users stop to install online software because they afraid of infecting malware destroyed your device. Typically, internet users could be infected malware and spyware without any alert. If you got malware from online software once, you could imagine how crazy they drive you in. You might have to face to pop-up windows as soon as you turn on my laptop, see strange icons instead of the root, get wrong directions when browsing, be hard to access my target web, and get slow or even freeze speed. There are lots of reasons for this problem, whereas downloading software including mobile applications is the main reason.

There is a way to keep internet users in safety is using the online web tool which allows users directly convert YouTube to MP3 without installing software. As a good example for keeping safe when you are in need of using an online tool, gives you a way to escape from this inconvenience. Thanks to this new application, users can download and convert videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other substantial platforms without installing any software.

2 Ways to Download Facebook Videos Fast and Simply

Facebook provides information which are more interesting because focusing on  the wanted aspect. Thanks to that you can easily find or update news for what you are caring. Since Facebook allowed users to share their favorite videos, users have witnessed millions of sharing hot videos. We enjoy the videos we love on Facebook which contain valuable things. After watching a video and feel the value of this, you absolutely share with your friends on your wall; however, you can lose the chance to watch it again if you are not on the Internet or the video removed sometimes by some reasons. Download them to your computer or another device is your decision.


The first method comes with a new web tool application. Users can save much time by using this web tool.

Step 1: When you have already selected the video you love on Facebook, you take a right click and choose “Copy URL”

Step 2: Open a new tab with the website: paste the copied URL into the input box. Then you click the “Convert MP3” and wait a moment

Step 3: Later, you will see the list of “.mp4” with different bitrates. When you have already selected your bitrate, you click the appropriate download button.

In case, the video hosted by Facebook with the ready link, everything would be as simple as possible. There are two methods to download Facebook Videos:

Step 1: Click on the video you need to download, take a right click and choose “Copy URL” option.

Step 2: Paste in a new tab; simultaneously, you change “www” into “m” and press “enter” button.

Step 3: Take the next right click and choose “Save video as…” and select the place you love to store.

Your downloaded video is stored in “.mp4” format which is compatible with your portable devices. How simple it is for owning the favorite video quickly and simply! Day by day, millions of users uses Facebook with the aim of communication, watching videos or listening music. However, Facebook only offers to share links, not downloading the videos, what a pity! Sometimes, they are removed and you will miss the opportunity to watch the video again. You should try to get the best experience. This web tool also offers you convert videos from Facebook and YouTube to MP3 file which serve you the best quality sound for all portable devices.

A Solution to Convert YouTube to MP3 Quickly and Simply

According to a steep rise in the need for converting YouTube to MP3, has been launched compromising a great experience for music lovers. Users conveniently convert videos to MP3 without payment, registration or installing software. Using this tool, you can convert a numerous video and audio files from reliable sources, including Vimeo, Soundcloud, MixCloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to MP3 files without any annoying.

Step 1: Search for the favorite song and input the name or the URL/link the song you want to convert into our search box.

what 1

It’s time to choose the song you love to convert from the huge platforms such as SoundCloud, MixCloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. After that, you copy the link to this song or video. You are back with and paste the copied link into our search box.

Step 2: Click the “Get MP3” button and wait for a few seconds to process data.

what 2 edit

When you already paste the link into our search box, you click “Get MP3” for the next target. This step takes you only a few seconds, which is much faster than other conversion tools we know.

Step 3: Click the “Download Track” button and enjoy your MP3 File.

what 3.edit

When you see the button “Download Track” displayed, you need to immediately click. This site automatically downloads your MP3 file on your devices. It’s time to enjoy your converted MP3 which has the same quality in sound with the original video/ audio.

The converted file can be automatically downloaded on your devices.

what 4.edit

There is an incredibly different with other seen conversion tools, I freely to create my favorite ringtone at All things are simple for a surprise which is once in a blue moon you can see in one web tool.

Make the ringtone:

Step 1: Click the “Make ringtone” button and drag the markers to choose the favorite sound period. You can play the track first to choose the right period you need.

what 6.edit

Step 2: Click the “Cut” button and wait a moment. This process takes you a few seconds only.

Step 3: Click “Download” to get the favorite ringtone on your devices

what 8.edit

If you get not very pleasant with the cut file, you can cut again for other ringtone.

These three steps are not very difficult to follow. The YouTube to MP3 conversion process should be simple as this site has offered. I’ love to keep all my work Short and Simple. This MP3 conversion tool has worked fine with this target.